AGM | Working Party

AGM – Wednesday, 7.30pm at Waterhall Golf Club We do hope you can attend this meeting as it is your opportunity to formally share your views and to hear what the plans are for the forthcoming year regarding your Golf Club & Course

Working Party A huge thanks to all those people that gave up their time over the weekend to help out. It was hard work but rewarding! We aim to do another organised working party just before the Club Championships. However, in the mean time for those of you that find themselves with a free hour or two and would be up for doing a bit of work we are arranging with the ground staff to have tools available at any time and the buggy key to be left behind the bar

Once you’ve had your 5 minutes buggy training and we’ve added your name to the Working Group list you can grab the buggy and some tools at any time and get out there!

To sign up just get in touch with either Tony Cambridge or Simon Binns