Club Championship 2015

After two rounds Steve Parker, Adam Wardle & Martin Gibson all had 155 meaning for the second year running we had a 3 hole play-off

Steve Parker had a one shot advantage heading down the 18th as the tension mounted. Steve and Martin both played safe drives but Adam had a 30 yard advantage although he was nestled up against the thick rough

Martin’ approach was pin high but held up on the top bank, Steve showed the first sign of nerves as he thinned an iron leaving himself 50 yards short and in the left side rough. It was down to Adam…….but with the adrenalin pumping he fired it 30 yards past the hole hitting the clubhouse. However the bounce off the wall left him up on the bank with Martin

Steve played a glorious 3rd shot in with the ball coming to rest 6 feet away on the fringe. Adam and Martin both chipped down, but with the pin tucked tight to the bank getting close proved very difficult. Could they hole their puts and hopefully force a sudden death play-off?

Martins put came up 1 foot short and Adam’s grazed past the hole giving Steve two shots for the win…..but like the Champion he now is he only needed the one! Congratulations to Steve Parker our new Club Champion

Well done to John Smith who shot the best net score over the two days with an excellent 132


Steve Parker over whelmed with joy after his play-off victory


John Smith receiving his trophy for the lowest net score over two rounds

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